wow! It's just a work of art ... top marks all the way around

Project Nerf (Youtube)

The pros and cons of this kit, I have zero cons with it… It was so buttery smooth, it was phenomenal to use it…

Bobolobo (Youtube)

Who am I? What do I do?     

I started by thinking "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" , "I wish I could have a...?" And then I made it!  I try to look at what doesn't exist yet and then make a quality product in both performance and aesthetics.

I have pioneered the 8 shot hammershot cyclinder, Retaliator slamfire, Auto-rayven kit, Brushless Komodo Pistol and more...

Alongside the products, which you can see on the Shop page, I R&D in my spare time. You can keep up to date on my facebook page. Or see some noteworthy projects below.

R&D Projects

Dual stage power in same space!

A dual hurricane cage that gives you huge power in the space of 1 full size cage. Get this on our thingiverse page for free.

Ultimate HPA Blaster

This combines both high power long range sniping, with a medium range full auto under slung BoomCo MA5.

New Hybrid Pusher Tech!

A totally new mechanism for a hybrid pusher. Designed to work with a 40 round double stacked magazine.