HPA MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher)

HPA MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher)

Hi Everyone,

I like to think about what we haven't done yet.

With HPA, recons have been done plenty, but a powerful rocket launcher? We totally need one of those  :D 

So I'm attempting to use a Spexbz to fire rockets from shells. I started with demolisher rockets, but they are expensive and a bit awkward. So I'm making it use a new standard of rocket, the Weasel rockets. This guy has done an amazing job making multiple rocket designs that are built from widely available materials and have good flight characteristics. 

Now since it is taking shells I want to also allow you to pop in other shells that can each hold either 8 Rival rounds, or 12 half length darts! Now that's a proper grenade launcher.

So this is where iIve got to so far...

I am setting it up to take a comfy magpull grip and be either remote line or bottle on. Taking inspiration from the real launcher we all know from films, this rotates along the rod at the top  to expose the shells.

The challenge right now is to get the internal mechanism working reliably and smoothly. With 1 trigger pull, 3 actions have to take place.

1) Hit MJV03 valve
2) Press seal from spexbz against shell
3) Make cylinder rotate one position. 

So this is behind a few other projects, but I'll keep on this as I think it offers something that nothing else out there does right now.