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DIGITAL FILES: This listing is for a download of digital files including STL's, any guides, and the licence. For you to 3D-print yourself. This is NOT for a physical product. The licence rules are explained here


Basically an auto-stryfe kit for your Rayven!
Make an Auto Rayven with 
~ No exterior shell cutting required
~ Keep the thin profile of Rayven
~ Cycle control switch
~ Swap out the pusher motor for any motor to adjust your DPS

IMPORTANT: make sure you choose the right pusher arm size for your model of Rayven!
I have a picture up to show you how to tell what size you should use.

Video Overview Here

STL's included in Purchase:

Gearbox Holder
Pusher arm (all 4)
Spring Spacer
Push Arm Support

Separate purchase needed:

Yellow TT hobby gearbox
High current cherry micro-switch


A monthly donation from shop profit is made to Tear fund. Find out more about them here:

Please note that you modify blasters at your own risk and this can lead to them wearing out quicker or breaking.