AXIOM - HPA Supercore Bullpup Blaster

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Power, Performance, Personalised.

This 3D printed blaster "Axiom" combines High power FPS with a compact bullpup configuration.

Running off the HPA Supercore technology allows you to tune your performance between 130-300 FPS, have both long range accuracy, and a higher max rate of fire!

Video Overview Here 

Features: Solenoid valve ~ This means more consistent valve opening for more consistent shots, and allows a comfortable electronic trigger switch in a more ergonomic handle.

  1. Lipo powered ~ A small lipo in the handle powers the solenoid valve. This is very low power draw so will last more than an all day game.  You will need a lipo charger (not included with this product.)
  2. Mag released ~ The mag release has two types which are changed by swapping the nub around to your preference. One side allows you to tug the mag out with some force without hitting the release. One will not.
  3. Jam door ~ A magnetic door allows you to see the breech if necessary [Never put fingers in before disconnecting air supply to blaster.]
  4. Custom barrel shrouds ~ The shroud can be removed by two screws and swapped for any design that fits. Already multiple functional and aesthetic designs are available to suit your preference. one even allows the Lepus Uzi to mount as an integrated fore-grip. And more shrouds are being designed.
  5. Custom handle scales ~ custom logos in the handle battery door are available by request for an extra fee.

Once you have chosen your shroud you can purchase the blaster in half-built or fully built form. With or without the supercore, that you may already have.

Half-built means body shell pieces are adhered together, supports removed, and brass inserts are inserted. You will also receive the rest of the hardware to finish the build.

Included in purchase:

  • 3D printed parts: Left shell, Right shell, Barrel shroud, Trigger, Battery cover, Mag release paddle, mag release nub, Jam door
  • Pneumatic parts: Quick disconnect stud, Solenoid valve, banjo elbow x2, male to female elbow, 8mm air line, (core if ordered)  
  • Electrical: (Lipo if ordered), XT-30 male/female , cherry microswitch, 
  • Hardware: screws x 16, brass inserts x 16, magnets x 4, Barrel 

Note! Separate purchase needed:

This is an HPA (High Pressure Air) blaster. Thus you will need your own paintball tank, regulator and external airline to operate this blaster type.


This blaster has the capability to hit 300 fps which can be dangerous and cause injury if not used properly. It is not suitable for young or immature children. If you wouldn't use a paintball marker then don't use this. Purchases should be made by adults and are done at your own risk. You should always learn about the technology you are using, and you can start at the facebook page "" or on  

Why is it called Axiom? Isn't it self evident?