Files: BoomCo M6 Pistol Extra dart holder MK2

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DIGITAL FILES: This listing is for a download of digital files including STL's, any guides, and the licence. For you to 3D-print yourself. This is NOT for a physical product. The licence rules are explained here


You may have heard just how ridiculously powerful this boomco halo pistol is with more springs. It is Primary worthy, however you can only hold 5 darts on the blaster!

This part TRIPLES your dart storing capacity, allowing you to keep on dominating all day long.
~ Snug fit on boomco rounds.
~ MK2 version securely slots on to original hand guard posts
~ Is removable when ever you want.

Also included is the sling point loop for the handle, and a belt mounted holster design.
*NOTICE: M6 blaster not included*

Video Overview Here 

Included in Purchase:

Extra dart holder STL
Extra dart holder (enclosed darts) STL
Sling point STL
Holster design STL


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