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DIGITAL FILES: This listing is for a download of digital files including STL's, any guides, and the licence. For you to 3D-print yourself. This is NOT for a physical product. The licence rules are explained here


Designed to allow you to carry a load of mags with out cluttering up you chest and leaving you feeling light to sprint around the field!

This product attaches to a molle drop leg and allows 8 or 7 Talon mags to be held tight to your leg.

Easy to find, as they sit just where your hand naturally drops to by your side. Also assists quick reloads as you grab the bottom of the mag, allowing immediate loading to your blaster with out re-orientating.

Tested in long duration high FPS games, Mags stay retained yet are easy to pull out when needed. 

Video Overview Here 

Included in Purchase:

~ 8 Talon drop leg holder (STL)

~ 7 Talon drop leg holder (STL)

~ Drop leg molle strip (STL)

NOTICE: Separate purchase needed. You will need some type of molle drop leg like this. To attach the holder too.