Files: 11 Rekt Jury attachments

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DIGITAL FILES: This listing is for a download of digital files including STL's, any guides, and the licence. For you to 3D-print yourself. This is NOT for a physical product. The licence rules are explained here


Here is is a massive collection of 11 attachments to get even more out your Rekt Jury Co2 revolver. Extended barrels, mega shooting barrels, and a slew of attachable rails and dart & cylinder holders, and more!

Videos of some of the attachments here.

Test video of how long the mega's can be shot well for, and barrel fit.


STL's included in Purchase:

  1. Flush nose
  2. Snub nose
  3. Extended barrel (2 types)
  4. Mega barrel (3 sizes)
  5. Attachment muzzle
  6. Mega attachment muzzle (3 sizes)
  7. Mega dart holders (3 types)
  8. Extra cylinder holders (2 types)
  9. Picatinny rail
  10. Release arm (3 types)
  11. Wolf head muzzle

 Future attachments added to this list will automatically be emailed to you. So you won't miss out.

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Please note that you modify blasters at your own risk and this can lead to them wearing out quicker or breaking.