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DIGITAL FILES: This listing is for a download of digital files including STL's, any guides, and the licence. For you to 3D-print yourself. This is NOT for a physical product. The licence rules are explained here


This as a super slim compact PDW shell for the supercore!

That means semi-automatic HPA performance in a small, handle fed blaster. This will shine in indoor or CQB games, being much quicker to move around and articulate.

Being mag in handle requires a unique 3D printed mag (NO TALONS). But wait!... there's good reason for this. As of yet, there was no angled mag that could fit a supercore bolt through its feed lips. And talons cant fit through an angled handle and let a supercore bolt through either. So from working on this mag with Nir0hda, we hope this will be come the new standard for angled HPA mags.

So you will need to print your own mags for this blaster. But the super compact, quick firing result is well worth it!

2 extra parts are included for an extended variant if you want the stock or barrel shroud to be longer.

Video Overview Here

Assembly Video

Hardware List

Free mag files


IMPORTANT: You will need to find a supercore to make this blaster work, and have the extra HPA gear to run HPA blasters. Such as: paintball tank, regulator, external airline...

Note: Mag release should be printed in PETG for good flex.

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Please note that you modify blasters at your own risk and this can lead to them wearing out quicker or breaking.